Staying Motivated in the Winter

Today I want to talk about my struggles (not sure if ‘struggle’ is exactly the word, but let’s go with that for now) training for a triathlon as a Wisconsinite. I love working out in the summer, being overly hot, feeling the pavement under my feet running or flying underneath me while riding. But winter, here in the frozen tundra, there is no training outside (I am not about to be one of those crazy people running in -5 degree F weather, no way in hell. If you are one of these people, you’re crazy, but also brave!) I don’t even like to walk to my car, in the garage, in the winter. (See where I’m going with this?) So, getting myself to the gym takes one extra push of motivation each day.

One thing that gives me that extra push is having a training schedule. A training schedule keeps me committed to what I want to accomplish and I treat it just like I would a job, I have to be there, no excuses. Another push comes from my swim coach. (I have a swim coach because, like a lot of triathletes, my swimming is my weakest area. Ironic, considering I grew up on Lake Superior literally just a couple blocks down the hill). She gives me techniques and skills to work on that motivate me to go to the gym early in the morning and practice. Skills help me focus on one or two small things each time I go to swim. Without those, I wouldn’t feel like I accomplished much, that my time there was wasted not really knowing if I was doing it “right.”

But let’s dig deeper, why do I push myself even on those days (or winter months…) to train. It’s the finish line. It’s being able to envision myself crossing the finish line of Ironman Arizona 2014 hearing the announcer say, “Libby Becker, YOU ARE an Ironman.” So if you have a day when you want to quit, or just don’t feel like doing it, think of the finish line. Think of whatever it is that truly motivates you to get out there and train.

Please feel free to leave what motivates you in the comments below. Sometimes hearing what motivates others, helps to motivate ourselves.

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