Body and mind: Finding rhythm

I feel like a Debbie Downer lately in my posts; but this blog is about my journey and keeping that journey honest, raw, and real. I want to share the good and the bad and what it’s like to train in real life with no coach, working both a full-time and now also a part-time job. It isn’t always easy, but finding that rhythm and the ways to make it possible are my goals and my mission. Every athlete can’t be 100% successful, motivated, and in-tune 100% of the time. I believe that many of us (or at least just me) go through cycles when our body is at a physical performance peak. Cycles when our mind and our body are in-tune with each other and ready to conquer that extra hard workout or that next mile or that long hill ahead in the distance. We also have times when our mind is fighting our body. Our body wants to push, but our mind gets in the way and tells us to quit or we’re too tired to go that extra mile. Sometimes, but maybe easier to conquer, is when our body tires but our mind keeps pushing.

These last few weeks when I’ve been trying to find my rhythm again I’ve been thinking a lot about a couple of my favorite quotes. The first quote I will share with you is one I learned early in my high school athletic career that has pushed me time and again to go further in my workouts. The latter is one I learned of more recently thanks to Pinterest. In light of recent events such as the Boston Marathon bombing and the passing of a friend’s child, I have held this quote nearer to my heart and pushes me when I no longer want to push.

“What counts in battle is what you do when the pain sets in.” -John Short

“I run because I can. When I get tired, I remember those who can’t run, what they would give to have this simple gift I take for granted, and I run harder for them. I know they would do the same for me.” -Unknown

Finally my body and mind are beginning to get back into rhythm and my training is starting to get back on track. (The back story: This summer my husband and I were in two different cities for a couple of months, as my office was in one and he was trying to remodel our new home in another. We also opened a rental cabin next to our new home; we were in a semi-moved state for a few months, then last month I picked up a part time job in addition to my full time job. Needless to say, training took a, very far, back burner. Getting back into gear has been a slow process, but now that we are just about settled in our new home I am finally feeling like my rhythm, my groove, is back!). One piece of advice I’d like to share is don’t wait until Monday! I’m guilty of this myself as I am sure you are as well, of saying, “my program starts Monday;” or, “my diet starts Monday;” or, “I’ll start training on Monday.” Stop pushing it off until Monday! If you’re excited about it today, then start TODAY! If you wait until Monday, you’ll lose your excitement and give yourself more excuses in the meantime to fall further away from your goals. (Like not doing that workout you know you should do!). That is part of what has helped me these last few weeks. I didn’t tell myself I would wait until Monday. I was excited that day, and even though I was starting in the middle of the week and my training guide started Monday, I pretended it was Monday and did that day’s workout. If you keep putting off tomorrow what you should have done today, you’ll never accomplish anything.

So today I’m choosing a new path. Forgetting the past; forgetting the guilt of not working as hard as I should have this summer on my training, and focus on what lies ahead. Focus on the finish line. Return to the cycle of mind and body together in sync as one powerful motivated and determined powerhouse of a being. I’ll leave you with another quote, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great,” Zig Ziglar.

Sunset Mississippi River

Let the sun set on the past and focus on the future, one day at a time.

Photo copyright: Libby Becker

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