Blog 2.0: Coming down from the clouds

I want to soften the focus of this blog. I want to still focus mainly on fitness and food, but I also want to focus a little more on life. I’ve changed the tagline to “Fitness. Food. Life. Journey to Ironman” as this is a newer and (hopefully) improved focus.

My hopes in softening this focus is that not only will it allow for me to write about more things of interest to me, but also for you. I love writing and love sharing my passion for fitness and health and also life in general and how that can impact both of those things.

I want to share that I am likely to make mistakes, to dream big and shoot for the moon and sometimes fail at matching those dreams. (As they say, “Shoot for the moon, even if you fail you’ll land amongst the stars.”) In this case it is Ironman Arizona in 2014. Last summer impacted my training to heavily for me to recover (remodeling our home, moving, full-time and part-time jobs). I still have an Ironman in my sights, but my head is coming down from the clouds and I’m setting a more realistic goal: Ironman before 30.

Posts will be broken into 3 categories:

  • Fitness
  • Food
  • Life

Part of me wants to start singing Eminem’s “Guess who’s back, back again”… maybe just because he is on the radio at this exact moment. But I have a new fire inside me and it won’t be satisfied or stifled if I continue to not blog. So let’s do this thing! Are you with me?!

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