Running with Fire

For as long as I can remember I’ve thought (and said a loud) that I should be an island girl. As I’ve gotten older I’ve also added the phrase ‘I’m not warm unless it’s 80’. Unfortunately this is pretty true. Southern family and friends always say when we visit, ‘but this should be warm to you’, assuming that I’m from Northern Wisconsin that anything above 50 should feel like a heat wave to me. I just have an island soul, one that would rather bask in the sun than play in the snow. One that would rather run outside for miles in 75 degree weather than anything less, any day. I just love the sun beating on my face, the warmth surrounding my body, and the fire it puts into my soul.

Maybe it’s that I love knowing that I’m pushing my body and that I can feel myself pushing my body. That I know it’s doing work and the reward is finishing those miles, seeing my body regain some tone it had lost from the endless winter. I love hearing Coco, my 8 year old pomeranian/yorkie mix, panting next to me knowing that he is enjoying this run just as much as I am after being cooped up inside all winter long.

To me there is no better feeling in the world than running on a hot summer day, drenched in sweat, with Coco by my side. Our feet hit the pavement as the warm breeze hits our faces. Everything else from the day fades and my mind focuses on the road ahead of me. Sometimes knowing where the road will take me, other times letting my legs determine how far and which way to take me.

What about you? What is your favorite time of year to get out and run?

Please wear sunscreen and be mindful of hydration during these warm summer runs, for both you and your puppy companion. Hot pavement can burn a dog’s padded foot. Learn more about the dangers and prevention tips here:

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