Real Bikers Wear Spandex

If you’ve ever received the ‘do you wear those spandex shorts?!’ with the semi-horrified, semi-amused look than you’re not alone.

It seems to me whenever a friend/coworker/relative finds out that I ride a bike for more than just your every day trip to somewhere down the street, this question immediately arises. I’m not sure what the obsession is with these shorts and the resistance from others to avoid them, maybe it’s a Wisconsin/Minnesota thing, but I’m willing to bet it’s not. People are just afraid of the word ‘spandex’ and what might happen when you put on a pair of shorts made from this. Flashbacks to 1970s and 1980s fashion trends of high waist spandex leggings and leotards must surface in their minds. They need not be alarmed, however, as many grown men wear these shorts every day and still live to see tomorrow. My husband has proudly stated on more than one occasion, “You have to, you’d be amazed at the difference!” when friends have popped the spandex question and given the horrified yet amused look.

In fact, we are not the crazy ones. It is the other, less serious biker, the one that doesn’t wear these incredible, spandex padded (a.k.a. the right gear) shorts that is crazy. These are the folks that apparently don’t mind a chaffed rear and a crotch that stays numb for days.

So unless you’re planning on biking down to the local coffee shop, padded spandex shorts are a necessity for any ride. And, next time someone asks you if you wear spandex and they declare they don’t, smile and nod and think to yourself, ‘you’re the crazy one.’ And if you’re feeling extra friendly, offer to take her shopping for her first pair of spandex, she’ll thank you later.

So spandex on my fellow bikers, spandex on.

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