Monday Motivation: Setting Goals

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.Image Credit: Otilia Pasca

Too often we set goals, massive goals, without an action plan. We think of the absolute best scenario of what we want without setting ourselves up for success by setting the smaller actionable and attainable goals. Today’s Monday Motivation is all about small goal setting. Think about your end goal, the ultimate prize at the end of the journey. For me that ultimate end goal is to finish an Ironman. But how do I get there if I don’t set small goals along the way? We often fail because we set goals for ourselves that are too far out of our grasp. So for just this week set yourself up to succeed. Take your goal and break it down. Focus on one week at a time. So what is your goal this week? You can even break it down further by setting daily goals. The smaller you break down your goals the more likely you are to reach them, which will ultimately lead you to completing your end goal. My weekly goal is to workout daily with Wednesday as a rest day. My daily goals are:

  • Monday: 30 min. run
  • Tuesday: 1.5-hours cycle
  • Wednesday: Rest Day
  • Thursday: 1-hour run
  • Friday: 1-hour FUN workout (Insanity) It’s good to mix up the mundane and add in a little fun! 🙂
  • Saturday: 30-min. run
  • Sunday: 40 mile cycle

Making goals public is a great way to keep yourself accountable. Share yours in the comments below, put them out there on social media, tell a friend, whatever you need to do to help you reach your goals.

Happy Monday and happy goal setting!

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