Break Free of the Workout Rut: 8 Tips

Feel like you keep pressing repeat on your workouts? Have you lost that enthusiasm you once had for working out? We’ve all been there. These 8 tips will help you break free of the workout rut and get back to hitting the road (or the gym!) with a new spark in your step.

1. Mix it up.
Do something other than your ordinary, go-to workout. It will re-inspire you and help introduce muscle confusion, which will target different muscle groups to keep your fitness top notch.

2. For one week do the opposite of what you normally do.
Maybe you’re in such a rut that you need to take a week to totally reinvent your workouts and change it up. If Monday is usually the day you go for a run, change it by biking instead or change up your normal run by doing intervals. Here’s a simple interval workout example: warmup for 5 minutes, briskly walk 1 minute, sprint 30 seconds, moderately run 15 seconds, repeat 8 times. Cool down for 5 minutes.

3. Get a new outfit.
Sometimes all it takes to get re-energized and motivated to workout is getting yourself a new outfit. On a budget? Get one piece of the outfit. A new pair of shoes, bike shorts, cycling jersey, new running tights, whatever it is that you want most but have put off purchasing. I often find great deals on these sights: The Clymb, Eastbay, LeftLane Sports

4. Track your activity.
Sometimes it takes seeing progress on paper to keep us motivated. I know that when I keep a workout journal I stay more motivated. There are also plenty of workout apps out there too if you prefer an app over a journal. (Personally I’m old fashioned and like the physical pen to paper journal method, but do what works best for YOU!).

5. Get a heart rate monitor.
See how hard you’re really working. This tool can be a strong motivator once you know how to use it and see how hard you are working. You’ll know if you need to increase your intensity or if you are training too hard and need to scale back. Whatever your goals—weight loss, marathon, triathlon—a heart rate monitor can help you reach those and help you break free of any workout rut.

6. Hurry up and get outside!
The days of warm weather are quickly disappearing, so get outside and enjoy them while you can. Find a new bike route or a new running trail to add excitement back into your routine.

7. Listen to new music.
Listening to the same old music run after run is enough to put anyone in a workout rut. Stop pressing repeat and start pressing shuffle. Download songs that you currently have to crank-up as soon as they come on the radio and completely revamp your workout play list.

8. Join a fitness class, find a workout partner, or join a weekly ride/run group.
For some the thought of joining a fitness class or weekly bike/run club is a bit terrifying. But that is exactly why you should do it. Go outside of your comfort zone to find your true potential. Plus, you’ll feel obligated either because you spent money on a fitness class, or because you don’t want to let your friend or group down. More than likely you’ll find this to be fun and social which will keep you inspired and energized.

Growth begins at the end of your comfort zone.

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