Monday Motivation: Go Ahead, Eat Dessert (Thanksgiving Edition)

Pumpkin pieImage Credit: Rick Audet

Thanksgiving is this week and that means tables full of delicious food surrounded by friends and family gathered to give thanks. It also means glorious desserts that tempt your willpower into throwing in the towel. But the good news is, that it’s okay to indulge a little now and again without completely ruining your diet.

Don’t deprive yourself. Depriving yourself of the foods you want will only make you crave them harder and likely overindulge later. In our house Sunday is our cheat day. Usually that means we eat pizza for dinner, something we enjoy eating but isn’t healthy and is our treat to ourselves before the workweek begins again. This week we’ll swap our cheat day to Thursday to allow ourselves to indulge in the delicious foods that we only get once a year (green bean casserole, corn dish, cranberry sauce, stuffing, pumpkin pie—yum!). The trick is everything in moderation. Allow yourself to eat the things you enjoy about Thanksgiving, but be mindful of your portion sizes and that you want to save room for dessert. Then, eat dessert! Maybe you start with half a slice of pumpkin pie. See if that satisfies your craving. If not, have the other half. Just don’t eat the entire pie. 😉

Happy Thanksgiving!

Looking for more tricks to eating healthy during the holidays? Check out these 9 Healthy Holiday-Eating Strategies by Real Simple.

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