Time to ride: Indoor trainer style

Up until a week ago I thought winter wasn’t going to arrive in this unseasonably warm, 40ish degree weather of central Wisconsin. I thought I’d be able to bundle up with layers and ride my bike up and through the chilly bluffs along the Mississippi River. Then, winter arrived. And not just snow, but the bone chilling—hurts your face to walk outside—wintery temperatures. Reaching as low as -40 below 0°F with wind-chill. Alas, I have resorted to the notion that riding my bike on the trainer and running on the treadmill will be the only way I can enjoy these forms of exercise this winter (or suffer in the frigid winter conditions of which I am not a fan). I don’t really mind having to ride my trainer, I can catch up on my reading, scroll through the social media universe, or watch a quality TV show like Seinfeld. In all seriousness my trainer keeps my legs strong and my muscle memory intact and alert. Although I’d much rather be watching the pavement and scenery speed by as a pedal down the road, I do enjoy that I can hop on my bike trainer, focus on my form and just get in the zone.

What do you do during the winter months to keep up with your training? Do you cross train? Or do you avoid the cold like I do and dust off your indoor trainers?

bike trainerCoco loves going upstairs when I workout because he knows he gets to play fetch.

4 thoughts on “Time to ride: Indoor trainer style

  1. I still nee to buy a trainer to, now is cycle outsite when it’s possible. A trainer is very welcome when it is raining or cold outsite. Good luck with training!

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