10 Tips for a healthy & fit vacation

Vacations are a wonderful thing—a time to escape the cold, wintery conditions and explore a new place. And although vacations are amazing, they can sometimes wreck havoc on our waistlines. So to help you stay on track, here are ten tips for a healthy and fit vacation:

  1. Wake up early and go for a run or swim. I love waking up early to go for a run while I’m on vacation. The towns are often so quiet and peaceful; the only other people out are also running or on their way to an early morning job. Plus, you’ll get your workout in before the rest of your friends or family are up and ready to go, or maybe they’ll even join you!
  2. Walk to your destinations. Probably one of the easiest ways to get exercise while on vacation is to walk to your destinations. You’ll save on money from not paying for a taxi or train and you’ll see more sights along the way.
  3. Adjust your expectations. Most likely you won’t stick to your normal routine, and that’s okay. Try to shoot for at least 50% of your normal routine. Remember, something is better than nothing. Don’t stress yourself out if you do less than you had anticipated, you’ll get back into the groove when you get home.
  4. Don’t let every meal be a splurge meal. I strongly believe in everything in moderation and that if you deprive yourself you’ll just end up overindulging later. That’s why I suggest applying the 80/20 rule: Allow 20 percent of your daily calories for your splurge meal, while 80 percent are on healthier choices. For example, make healthier choices at breakfast and lunch and indulge a little at dinner.
  5. Turn the airport into a gym. Walk laps around the airport or find stairs nearby to run or walk up and down (I often do this when I have layovers in Dallas). You’ll do plenty of sitting on the plane and getting in a little exercise now will be a great way to kick-start your fit vacation.
  6. Rent a bike. This is a great way to sightsee and burn calories all at once. If we aren’t walking to our destination, we’re riding a bicycle. Plus, you might even find some great bike paths for a little extra adventure.
  7. Pack snacks. When you plan to be out exploring all day, be prepared by bringing your own healthy snacks to stave off hunger. I always carry a few LÄRABARs with me because I know I’ll get hangry and healthy options aren’t always easily available. Fruit, almonds or a healthy trail mix, are all great snacks for on the go adventures when vacationing.
  8. Be adventurous. Try a new, fun and exciting activity. It doesn’t matter if it’s paddle boarding (that’s on my live list!), trekking up a mountain, or snorkeling—just find something that is different from your norm.
  9. Pack equipment/use your hotel room. Bringing your laptop with you? Why not pack a few workout DVDs. You can easily do an Insanity workout in your hotel room. If you have resistance bands, pack those. Just the action of packing these into your suitcase will help you stay on track on vacation. (You’ll have to look at them everyday and feel a guilty if you don’t use them.)
  10. Keep the cocktails in check. It’s fun to let loose on vacation and have a cocktail, but keep in mind that most cocktails are loaded with sugar and calories. Here is a list of 60 healthier drink options.

Above all, remember to relax and enjoy your vacation (and don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!) 🙂

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2 thoughts on “10 Tips for a healthy & fit vacation

    • I think finding balance while on vacation is key. Sometimes we just want to sleep in rather than go for a run, and that’s okay, as long as we make the day active by walking to wherever we are going or trying something new like paddle boarding. Hopefully these tips help you the next time you go on vacation.! 🙂

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