10 Fitness & healthy lifestyle gift ideas for her this Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day heartOkay fellas, this post is for you. Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, which means time to get serious about getting a gift for the special gal in your life. Who says you have to buy roses and chocolates? Why not show her you’re really thinking of her by buying her something that will last longer than a week. Plus, buying her a fitness or healthy lifestyle gift will show her you’re in tune with her hobbies and lifestyle. In other words, if she’s into taking care of her body, she’ll appreciate a gift from this list and the thought you put into it.

Even if you think Valentine’s Day is just another holiday for businesses to tap into and make money, it’s still nice to spoil your gal and let her know you were thinking about her. If you do feel this way about Valentine’s Day, that it’s a grossly over commercialized holiday, what better excuse than to think outside of the norm of roses and chocolates, and get her a fitness or healthy lifestyle related gift. But, if you’re like me and think this holiday is a nice reminder for us to slow down and take time to show the one we love that we appreciate them and love them, than this too is the gift guide for you.

  1. Juice: Recipes for Juicing, Cleansing, and Living Well by Carly De Castro, Hedi Gores, Hayden Slater—$11.99 for the Kindle edition
    Whether your gal is into juicing or wanting to learn more about how to do it and how it can be beneficial, this is the book for her. It is packed with 75 juice recipes, outlines the benefits, and even shares juicing testimonials.
  2. Go old school: Create a workout playlist—Price varies
    Remember when making a mix tape or a CD for a crush was cool? This is that  same concept (only now you can easily create it using iTunes). Create a playlist you’ll know she’ll love while grinding pedals or running the trails. This is sure to melt her heart.
  3. Republic of Tea: Get Burning—$12.25
    This tea is perfect for a pre-workout boost. An herbal blend that increasing metabolism and resistance to stress. It also contains cordyceps, “a traditional medicinal herb used by Chinese athletes to boost energy and endurance.”
  4. GoFit Foam Roll—$19.95
    She’ll love you for how this foam roller makes her feel after an intense workout. Foam rolling can help aid in decreasing recovery time and preventing injury. The bonus here is that this foam roller is red, perfect for your Valentine!
  5. Love to Run Sterling Silver and Copper Keychain—$22 or Active Runner Bracelet—$25
    If the leading lady in your life loves to run either the ‘Love to Run’ keychain or the ‘Active Runner’ bracelet would make a great gift. Both of these Etsy shops also offer a variety of other pieces that you may find to be an even more perfect fit for your gal.
  6. Colorfield Passport Cover—$29
    Okay this doesn’t really fit under “fitness” or “healthy lifestyle” per say, but I thought it should still make the list. This vegan material personalized passport case features a customized bold monogram design. This is perfect for the traveling couple because you’ll never mistake her passport for yours anymore. Plus, did you know, research shows that experiences make you happier than possessions.
  7. A new pair of running shoes—Price varies
    My best advice here is to look in your closet to see which brand and what size your gal likes. Although us gals tend to have multiple shoes, our running shoes are often easily spotted because they are the most worn (and often most dirty) pair out of the bunch. They often tend to be vibrant in color (it makes us run faster). Here are some quick links to great running shoe brands: Asics | New Balance | Nike | Zoot
  8. Fit Snack—3mos. $69
    The gift that will keep giving for three months. I personally don’t subscribe to this but I think it’s an awesome gift idea regardless. Not only is the Fit Snack a monthly box that arrives full of nutrient packed goodies, it also includes motivational tips to keep your gal working toward her goal, at-home workouts, and an inspirational publication Fit Quarterly.
  9. FEED (RED) Love 30 Bag—$80
    Every time your gal uses this tote, whether it be for gym clothes, a quick weekend getaway or for work, she’ll know that you helped serve 30 nutritious meals to people living with HIV/AIDS around the world. It’s a feel-good gift that will warm her heart.
  10. Pressed Juicery Cleanse—3 day $159 (per person)
    Sharing the experience of a cleanse together really shows how committed you are to her. My husband and I did a cleanse together this past fall. It was both of our firsts cleanse and having each other’s support really made the experience all that more enjoyable. This gift is perfect for the health nut in your life and will be an experience you can take together.

And if you just have to buy her chocolates, check out these Theo bars.

Remember, it doesn’t really matter what you buy her. What matters is showing that you thought of her and most importantly, spending time together. There’s no price tag that can buy precious time spent together.

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