Saturday confessions

I got the idea to write this post after reading a delightful, and somewhat witty, post by Brittany from BlissfulBritt. So Brittany, if you’re reading this, thank you!

  1. I haven’t been training as much as I’d like. As much as I try to overcome my fair-weather running and biking tendencies, they seem to always prevail in the winter.
  2. I’m OBSESSED with juicing! Have you tried juicing or a cleanse yet? I highly recommend it as a way to recharge and regain energy. I don’t yet own a juicer so I’ve been buying juice from Pressed Juicery, but I am saving up so I can make my own. In the meantime I’ll be buying from them and experimenting with different, blender friendly, smoothie recipes. juices from Pressed Juicery
  3. My husband, Joe, has been in Ecuador the last few weeks and has become quite the photographer. Since I’m not there to see what he is seeing and because I normally take all the photos, he’s stepped up and starting documenting his adventures for me. He has now sent me seven food photos (this is huge because, 1. I love food photos and 2. he normally is making fun of me for taking such photos)!breakfast in Ecuador
  4. My of the moment weakness are chai lattes. I’ve rediscovered my love of these deliciously spiced drinks.
  5. There’s just something about being home. As a teenager all I wanted was to escape this small town, now I long for being able to go home and visit. I was blessed to be able to spend the last week at home and work from there. I also went to my favorite coffee shop, Black Cat, caught up with an old friend and enjoyed a delicious chai latte.chai latte
  6. While home I visited my 93-year-old grandma. She showed me her 8th grade yearbook from 1936! She told me she was easy to spot in photos because she was always the one with the “long skinny neck,” apparently that runs in the family. She also showed me her scrapbook, which was so much like looking at something I would make. She saved napkins from dinners just like I saved napkins from dinners/weddings/proms.
  7. For fitness inspiration lately I’ve been following Kayla Itsines on Instagram. She seems honestly genuine, often shares photos of real girls meeting their goals, and shares photos of vibrant fresh fruits.
  8. Since my true Valentine is thousands of miles away, Coco and his teddy bear face, will be my Valentine this year. He prefers long walks to conversation, loves getting massages but never gives any in return, yet loves to give kisses and snuggling in close, especially when it’s cold. I guess I’ll be doing the cooking.Coco at the countertop

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