5 Reasons to wear compression sleeves

knee injury_runnerDo you have aches in your knees after a long run or bike ride? How about after lifting in the gym? Increasingly over the last few years my knee aches and pains have become more noticeable and linger longer after my runs, bike rides, and workouts. After 12+ years of gymnastics and many years of running and biking, not to mention inheriting my father’s lousy joints, it’s no wonder my knees ache.

After suffering for some time, I finally decided to invest in a compression sleeve for my knees to see if it would help. I was not only pleasantly surprised by the instant relief, but also thankful to have found relief in a form other than ibuprofen (and constant massaging).

Whether you are considering a compression sleeve for your knee or another part of your body, here are five reasons why you’ll benefit from wearing one:

  1. Enhanced blood circulation.
  2. Reduced pain, swelling and inflammation.
  3. Warmth. This helps in enhancing your warm-up via increases in skin temperature and also helps prevent strain and fatigue by keeping muscles warm while wearing the sleeve during physical activity.
  4. Faster recovery.
  5. Increased muscle support. Which increases performance through improved muscle efficiency.

While researching the benefits of compression I learned that the jury is still out in the scientific community whether compression sleeves are truly beneficial. I am however, a believer that compression sleeves do offer relief, having experienced it first hand. I do find wearing the compression sleeve a bit uncomfortable during my workout, so I put it on as soon as I finish. I’ve only bought one compression sleeve and so far love it and plan on purchasing a second one this week (so I don’t have to keep switching back and forth from one knee to the other). If you are curious which compression sleeve I use, you can find it here.

Are you a compression sleeve believer?

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