A seasonal bucket list [Fall 2015]

It's a new season. A perfect opportunity to do something new something bold something beautiful.I recently read a post by Scarlet Pen, a pen name for the author of the blog 28 and Counting that inspired me. It’s a bucket list post, but not just any bucket list. What I love about this bucket list is that it’s a seasonal one. What a brilliant idea! It’s like a mini goal list of things you want to do that can, for the most part, only be done in that particular season. Since I have a love/hate relationship with fall—love the vibrant colors and EVERYTHING PUMPKIN, but hate to see my favorite season, summer, go—I thought this would be a perfect way to stay positive and focus on everything I love about fall. Scarlet’s list is ambitious at 29 items (you go girl!); I’m going to focus on just 10.

In no particular order, here is my fall bucket list:

  1. Create and bake a pumpkin coffee cake
  2. Go to the apple orchard and sample hard ciders, wines, and apples
  3. Read a book, specifically All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr (my mom gave me this book for my birthday last April and I have only read the first chapter…)
  4. Get in one last 50-mile bicycle ride
  5. Take a mini trip back home and:
    • Have a chai latte and scone at my favorite coffee shop
    • Visit my grandma
    • Take a walk in the woods with Coco
    • Sit and relax next to the pellet stove with my dad and step-mom
  6. Get a pumpkin shake at Culver’s (it’s been years since I’ve had one—and seriously they are heaven!)
  7. Surprise Joe with a dinner date to someplace we haven’t been in a long time
  8. “Play tourist,” take a drive, and really soak in the beauty of where we live
  9. Have a Packers (go-Pack-GO!) party with friends
  10. Focus more on the positives and what I can control 💜

What’s on your fall bucket list?

6 thoughts on “A seasonal bucket list [Fall 2015]

  1. What a fun list. Everything on there sounds like a joy and that is probably what you are creating in your life. I am inspired. I have not created a fall bucket list but should! I think I want to bike around Brooklyn and discover new shops and great places to eat. Lots happening there. Thanks for sharing!

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